Shrug Flying


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Shrug Island

Everything is alive. It all depends on how you talk to it.

What is Shrug Island ?

Shrug Island is a 4 level adventure game for tablets and desktop, currently in pre-production. In this game you´ll explore the Island, its people and its ways, as you follow the story of the time it got sick.

One season at low tide colors start disappearing, the nature begins to stop, and the Shrug Island's magic is in danger of vanishing forever.


Li, Shri, Ney and Toti are four little Shrugs at the core of this story. They are guides that follow the player throughout the island community and evolve through its growing problem.

Once the whole family has gathered, an unexpected conflict arises. The player will need to call upon the kids at the right time through scenes and puzzles to help them find what has been lost. Together they will find the key to the essence of Shrug Island.


This exploratory adventure will be a game about recognizing patterns, differences and creatively reacting to change. It is about learning the many possible ways to observe, interpret and react to a situation.

It is about understanding that the connections between these different possibilities are at the root of solving problems. This is a story game with color, shape and sound puzzles with an initial audience from 8-12, for use in family environments.