After an invaluable development period at Amazu, Shrug Worlds and the Shrug Island Game have moved on to other locations. You are being redirected there... Shrug Worlds
Shrug Flying


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Imagine a world, where all life can be spoken to...

Shrug Tides
Shrug Tides

Platformer (phones & tablets)

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The world is unstable, so the Watcher sends you on a mission to find his Power Stones. As a little Shrug going through the canyons of his island world, you must work with time and your transformational abilities to discover the stones that will bring Shrug World back into balance again.

Status: Released

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7 min Traditional Animation

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The Shrugs are strange shouldered beings living on an Island around which the ocean level rises. This is their story, and how they have adapted to a constantly changing environment.

Junior Jury Award - ANNECY 2009

Shrug Island
Shrug Island

Adventure Game

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Exploring daily life on Shrug Island, this is a game where you follow four children through the story of the time the Island got sick. It will be a musical game about pattern recognition and communication, where puzzles and animations are the core of an unusual experience, connecting parallel pieces of the story world together again.

Status: In development

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